SERVICES: Mailing Service

Our printing, mailing and cellophane wrapping uses a modern and always updated equipments. For any kind of promotion you may need Every Pack is the right answer: starting from address input, normalisation, target selection; from coupon personalisation to printing on catalogue; form mailing of bank statements and CDs. We always suggest the more suitable and economical solution and, thanks to a 30 years experience in the sector, we offer to our Customers the technical and organizing support for both message typology – packaging and postal regulations. We can personalize mailings, wrap with hight quality levels and perfect timing.

  • Data entry traditional or scanned
  • File qualification Standardisation, Deduplica, Classification, Postal Sorting
  • Customization laser digital personalisation of single sheets or continuous forms
  • Cutting and fold sheet single or double
  • Assembling Package
  • Automatic, selective and intelligent enveloping up to 6 inserts
  • Cellophane wrapping up to 10 inserts
  • Delivery of materials to Poste or other carriers
  • Mailboxes management


  • Customization letters / addresses: n.80.000 / day
  • Mailing, cellophane wrapping: n. 120.000 / day
  • Using Post Massiva approved with discounts