SERVICES: Pick and Pack

Receive products , select them, storage them is an activity to which we dedicate much of our engagement: but is doesn’t finish here. Your product will be checked and preserved at our warehouses equiped with shelf system and advanced handling of goods and when you decide it is the right time, the goods will leave and travel to your customers thanks to a fully automatic packaging system which grants a daily production of 10.000 parcels (packages).
Delivery will be carried out through express couriers with whom we have privilege agreements for the piece volume commited or through Poste Italiane our partner from always.

  • Receipt of products on europallets
  • Quality Control and input in the system
  • Numerical Control and storage
  • Picking and packing
  • Supply of boxes and supplementary material for packaging
  • Periodic processing by type of product
  • Cutting and folding of forms suitable for wrapping
  • Report with detail of products to be sent out, goods in stock, understock
  • Assembly documents to parcel and cellophane wrapping
  • Breakdown by Mail Basins
  • Taping pallets and load on vehicles
  • Return and rejected management