SERVICES: Telemarketing

Your phone calls, e-mails, faxes and your mails can be handled by our Customer Service: 40 active phone lines, personalized email, fax service, p.o.boxes, green number and 20 professional operators whose passwords are kindness, seriousness and competence.
Customer Service handles up to 2000 daily inbound contacts, order input, email and phone follow-ups, granting to each customer a personalized service in order to satisfy company’s cultural features.

  • Telemarketing service
  • Service Contact Center can handle activities in Inbound telephone, mail and e-mail (information, order management, aftersales and cancellations) by giving phone lines (dedicated in sufficient number) according to customer needs
  • Complete Management of mail, payments, receipts, made reminders and registration
  • Reports through careful analysis systems vanguard
  • Compliance with the provisions in force on privacy
  • Comprehensive security archives data


  • Call-Center inbound: 2.000 contacts / day
  • Collection Points Competitions and management awards