Every Pack was established by Aurelio Paolillo, already manager, for many years, in a big company of VPC (Mail-Order Selling). The target and the purpose of this new company was based on the certitude that a large part of the companies of mail-order selling, which for economic and competence reasons, did not want to create an internal and expensive structure, would give some of the corporate functions outdoors (Birth of outsourcing). The precise intent was to support the Customers in packing and shipping their parcels by mail or by forwarding agent (Handling). The initial surface was of 1.100 m2 (square meters).


In order to satisfy the request of Customers, who already positively tested the quality and the advantages of the abovementioned service, a department was created to handle Mailing packing, with machinery and equipment Sitma, Bell & Dowell and CMC. The surface was increased of about 600 m2 (square meters).


It takes consistence the complete handling of product storage, packing and shipping for some important mail-order selling companies. In the meantime two sons of the founder joined the company in order to assure further thickness and quality to the company.


Is created a printing section with the aim to personalize letters and folders both laser and inkjet (Xerox-Rena). In the meantime DIEMME was born, a company of the Group which carries up Customer Service.


The surface of warehouses is enlarged with the opening of a new local unity of more than 1.500 m2 (square meters).


The spaces are vital for this kind of activity, for this reason the Company opens a secondary Head-office with more than 2.500 m2, bringing the complessive surface available more than 4.000 m2.